AL Marketing | AL Marketing - Purple Apple Marketing Award Winners 2017
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AL Marketing Scoops Golden Apple

We’re over the moon to announce that our client, Market Place Shopping Centre in Bolton, not only managed to bag the Purple Apple in the Tactical Marketing category at this year’s REVO Purple Apple Awards but went on to scoop the Golden Apple for their entry too!
When we presented Market Place with the idea of creating their own Mannequin Challenge after the social media phenomenon took off last Autumn, even we had no idea of the success that it would bring.
With a financial investment of just £50, and 100% participation from all tenants in the centre, the results were astonishing. On the day of the event there was a footfall increase of 20.4% year on year. We also achieved a 9.5% increase in Facebook fans and 164K views, 782 comments and 1,800 likes on the video on Facebook.
With these results in mind, it seemed a no brainer to enter it into the most prestigious awards of the retail marketing calendar, so our Client Services Director, Sarah Gregory got stuck in to creating the entry.